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Reasons to shop at Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia

Commercial Fridge and Freezer Sales is the leading supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment throughout Australia. We offer over 4,000 products online, giving you everything you could ever need to fully kit out your commercial restaurant, commercial kitchen, bar, café or hotel. We stock high quality commercial refrigeration equipment from some of the biggest and most reliable brands available in Australia – such as Artisan, Bromic, Irinox, Liebherr, Misa, Panasonic, Skope, Turbo Air, Williams and many many more. So whether you need the latest in commercial fridges, the greatest in commercial freezers or the most reliable in medical refrigeration equipment, you’re sure to find the commercial refrigeration equipment you’re looking for here at Commercial Fridge and Freezer Sales.

Single & Double Door Commercial Display Fridges for Businesses in Australia

Commercial Fridge Freezer supplies quality commercial and display fridges all over Australia. We are the leading name when it comes to finding the best commercial fridge supplier in Australia. We understand how important it is for businesses offering food products that must be placed in chilling conditions, i.e. under 4 degrees Celsius, and need reliable display fridges to make sure the food is securely stored. Contact us with confidence to get the best commercial fridges in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia.

Where to Buy Commercial Fridges Australia Wide?

The commercial fridge is your capital expenditure, which you should invest in the best product. We want you to have the best commercial fridge collections for your Australian business. When it comes to our commercial fridge options for you, you can choose from a variety of options, including the vertical fridge and under bench fridge. Commercial Fridge Freezer is a trustworthy commercial fridge supplier in Australia offering a variety of next-generation commercial fridge series from famous manufacturers, including SKOPE, LIEBHERR and others.

Single Door Commercial Fridge Melbourne, Victoria: Ideal for Food Service Range

The hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, café, eateries and catering businesses, demands exacting standards and the best option. Their main focus is to have a commercial fridge that is reliable, easy to use, simple to clean, budget-friendly and maintainable. We provide single-door commercial fridges Melbourne, Victoria that are known for maintaining the correct temperature consistently so that the food items are stored without the fear of temperature abuse, which reduces the product quality and its shelf life.

Commercial Display Fridges Perth, Western Australia

Perth, being the fourth most populous city in Australia, has many hospitality businesses relating to food. There are many malls, Perth CBD and shopping centres that have display fridges to offer food items and beverages to visitors. To meet the demand, we have a variety of options, making us the best display fridges Perth, Western Australia supplier where you can find reliable and quality commercial display fridges in Western Australia.

Display Fridges Perth Wide: Shelf Capacity

When we discuss the display fridges Perth collection, you would want to know about the shelf load-bearing capacity. The shelves of our commercial display fridges can bear a load of 60 KG on each shelf, so you can put some heavy stuff on the heavy-duty shelves.

Buy Energy Efficient Display Fridges in Perth

When it comes to operating costs, our display fridges for commercial use are designed to be cost-effective. These fridges are tested to maintain optimal efficiency within a room temperature range of up to 43 degrees Celsius. The high-quality electronic control monitors the internal atmosphere and can sense the door openings. This way, our commercial fridges adjust the internal temperature accordingly.

Best Commercial Display Fridges are Easy To Clean and Maintain

Businesses dealing in the hospitality domain want to maintain their standard to provide the best service and to build a good reputation in public. This sector demands facilities, premises and equipment to be neat, clean and free from any health hazards. We provide display fridges that help you store food and beverages to maintain their quality and shelf life. Our fridges meet the local regulations regarding health codes and safety.

Role of Commercial Fridges for Hospitality Businesses

Commercial fridges are crucial, especially for hospitality businesses, in many ways. Either these commercial fridge products are used to store food products or to chill the beverages to make them consumable for end users. Food and drink sellers can maintain their perishable food and drink products using our high-quality commercial fridges. This way, you can serve fresh and healthy food and drink products every time.

Commercial Under Bench Fridge Australia Wide

The under-bench fridges are ideal for restaurants, cafes and eateries as these fridges can store food and beverages, while the countertop can be used as storage space as well.

Commercial Under Bench Fridge in Australia: A Must-Have for Food Businesses

Under bench fridges are a must-have for food businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and other eateries, especially in the bustling cities of Australia. These under bench fridges are designed to work as under bench freezers to store food items and can be used as tables as their top side is free to use. That makes them both practical and efficient.

Key Features of Commercial Under Bench Fridges

Under Bench Fridges Help Save Space: Designed to fit seamlessly under countertops, our collection of under bench fridges maximise the use of space in commercial kitchens.

Versatility of Under Bench Fridges: The under bench fridges can store a variety of food items and beverages; that’s why chefs and restaurant managers like them as they are versatile for different types of food businesses.

Convenience: The countertop above these fridges serves as additional storage or prep space, streamlining kitchen operations.

Benefits of Under Bench Fridges

Energy Efficiency: To comply with the local and state environmental laws, our modern-day under bench fridges are energy-efficient and reduce operational costs as well.

Ease of Access: Their under-counter location makes it easy for staff to access ingredients quickly, thereby improving service speed.

Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek designs often complement the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, enhancing the workspace environment.

In large Australian cities, where the food and beverage industry is highly competitive, having an under bench fridge can give your business the edge it needs. It not only improves the functionality of your kitchen but also contributes to a more organised and efficient workspace.

Why Choose Us to Buy the Commercial Display Fridges in Australia

We here at Commercial Fridge & Freezer have the largest collection of commercial fridges from the best-selling brands. Our heavy-duty fridges are ideal to replace your underperforming and low-quality fridges. You can not only save on electricity costs as our fridges are energy efficient, but our fridges are easy to maintain and can withstand Australian temperature variations. Apart from providing top-quality fridges, our customer support team is always ready to help you choose the right commercial fridges that suit your space and needs.




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